Flying with Richard

Richard Kullmann

Flight Instructor

We always have a good time whether you are working on a pilot certificate, getting a flight review, or just working on staying proficient. Here are some of the people that that I have worked with.

“Flying. There’s simply nothing else like it. Soaring in the sky high above the hustle and bustle below. It’s simply wonderful. LEARNING to fly, however, takes a bit of work. Understanding aerodynamics, learning the “rules”, even simply talking to ATC can be quite the challenge. Lucky for me, I managed to find Rich Kullmann. Rich is excellent. First of all, he’s a phenomenal pilot. I’ve seen him turn final and then with a moment of control inputs he has the plane practically flying itself down the perfect glide path. I’m pretty sure he was born with wings! Secondly – he is an extremely intuitive instructor. He can tell, without a word from me, when I’m getting overwhelmed with something and he has a great ability to break things down into “one at a time” tasks. I remember learning to land. He could see my frustration and proceeded to break the task down. He handled most of the controls while I learned a particular task and then one by one added tasks until I had it. I will NEVER forget the first time I landed the plane myself. I didn’t even know I’d done it until Rich let me know! I landed at Palomar and Rich was holding his hands up. I thought he was signaling that I missed something and so I was checking the flaps, the fuel pump, etc – when he finally told me that he was showing me that I had made that landing completely on my own! He hadn’t touched the controls. I was elated! All that said – what I appreciate most about Rich is how patient he is. It sometimes takes me a bit to “get” a task. Reading and understanding is one thing – doing is quite another – While Rich DOES press me to learn and get out of my comfort zone to “take the next step” – he is also understanding and will patiently continue working on a task – and explaining more and more about it – until I “get it”. I always feel comfortable in the plane knowing that Rich is right next to me, on the controls, there to keep things safe. Anyway – Rich is the best. I highly recommend him. On another note – For those of you who haven’t flown in a light sport aircraft – I’d highly recommend that also. The Sportstar has a phenomenal view from it’s “bubble canopy”. It’s like riding on a magic carpet.”
Ron D.
Sport Pilot - EVSS (Evektor SportStar Max)
"I have been through 7 different experienced flight instructors and once I flew with Rich Kullmann, I knew my training was going to be completely different than most students. Richard makes learning to fly a very enjoyable experience and contagious addiction. On my first flight Richard said, "Just relax and use a light touch" and to "Make sure you are having fun." I think about this every time I fly and it helps me stay concentrated and motivated. His philosophies and his teachings stick with me. He explains everything so clearly and is very knowledgeable. Richard is proficient in knowing a student's needs and tailoring instruction for each individual. He genuinely cares about your success. Rich is not only a great mentor and friend, but he is also a master educator that knows how to instruct students using a higher level of teaching. I am excited to learn all I can from Rich and create more awe-inspiring memories.
Christina K.
Private Student - C172 & PA-28-180
"I have been flying since 2006. Due to interruptions in training during my early years I have had many instructors. I recently needed a Rusty Pilot program and flight review and Rich Kullman was recommended by another experienced pilot. All I can say is Rich is awesome! He is the best! He is a great pilot and teacher. He is patient and knows how to encourage toward success. No matter how much trouble I would have during a flight, he would somehow always end it on a positive note to boost my confidence. I never walked away from a lesson feeling badly. I was always looking forward to the next flight which is an absolute gift for a teacher to have. He is calm, but an active teacher, always making every mistake a learning experience. He understands how students learn. He has a great sense of humor and we ended every flight laughing. I recommend him as a CFI without any reservations. The guy is great! My email is I will be glad to set up a time to talk and answer any questions. You will not be sorry with him as an instructor."
Steve D.
“When I went to Pacific Coast flyers to sign up for a pinch-hitter course, I had the good fortune of meeting Richard Kullman. I signed up that day and began my lessons. I found him to be kind, patient, knowledgeable, and extremely flexible with scheduling. In addition, he was clever at coming up with innovating ways to help me understand concepts I wasn’t quite grasping. Overall an extremely positive experience. I would highly recommend Rich as a flight trainer.”
Cheryl L.
Pinch Hitter - C182RG (Cessna 182 Retractable Gear)